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Cloud BI Whitepaper

Providing easier access to decision-making in enterprises

Intellego CloudBI

CloudBI is a new Business In

Bill Inmon & Intellego - Business Intelligence y Data Warehousing


  • Intellego is recognized by the WEF as a GGC. [+]
  • Intellego Receives SAP Latin America Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014, category Northern Latin America [+]
  • Club Digital receives recognition in the World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2013 [+]
  • Mobile Applications, a growing market in Mexico and the world [+]
  • Intellego provides the technology platform to support the Teleton Autism Center [+]
  • Intellego obtains CMMI LEVEL 5 ACREDITATION [+]
  • Intellego, Partner Platinum de Oracle [+]
  • Oracle OpenWorld Latin America 2012, São Paulo, Brasil [+]
  • Increase the success likelihood of your strategic decisions [+]
  • Intellego, Partner Silver de Microsoft en la competencia de Software Development [+]